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Name Inventor Advanced Part Design
Cost $795.00
Duration 2 days (8 hours/day)


In this course a user will learn key strategies to create advanced parts. Specific advanced part modeling techniques covered include multi-body design, advanced lofts, advanced sweeps, coils, and surface modeling. Additional material aimed at increasing efficiency is also included: iFeatures for frequently needed design elements, iParts for similar designs, translation options for importing data, and the Engineer’s Notebook for communication. This course will also cover some miscellaneous drawing tools such as custom sketches symbols, working with title blocks and borders, and documenting iParts. With an understanding of these tools, students can begin to streamline the design and documentation process.


To successfully complete this course the student must have:

  • Inventor users familiar with current parametric part and assembly design.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • Basic drafting and design skills.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the class prerequisites please contact us.

Course Topics:

  • Tips and Tools
  • Multi-Body Part Modeling
  • Sketching Tools
  • Advanced Work Features
  • Advanced Lofts, Sweeps, and Coils
  • Analyzing a Model
  • Introduction to Surfacing
  • Additional Surfacing Options
  • Copying Between Parts (iFeatures)
  • iParts
  • Translation

Full Course Outline:

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No instructor-led class sessions are scheduled between 9/18/2018 and 1/16/2019.

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