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Name NX Advanced Simulation
Cost $1,100.00
Duration 1 day (8 hours/day)

Overview:  NX Advanced Simulation is a CAE application used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This course covers the master model hierarchy concept required to perform an accurate FEA study. The hierarchy structure starts with the CAD model which is associatively linked up to a simulation file to create a solution. In between is where a model can be prepped for a study by defeaturing, meshing, and applying load definitions. Model prep, Idealizing geometry, meshing, material properties, loads, constraints, adaptive meshes, and optimized geometry are all discussed in depth. Once all setup is complete, an analyst can utilize Post Processing tools to solve the solution. Post view tools are covered to review results. The course also discusses use of single file and assembly file options. (This class only discusses Stress or Linear Statics (solution 101). CFD, thermal, MBD are not covered.)

Prerequisites: NX Essentials or equivalent experience

Additional Information:

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Instructor Led Delivery:
This course is delivered by a Tata Technologies Certified Instructor. Tata Technologies’ training style is 1/3 Lecture and 2/3 Hands-On exercises. Our instructors utilize® as the class material for lectures and demonstrations. Each student will receive 1 year of access to the course materials used in class as well as a certificate of completion.

Detailed Course Outline:

For a detailed course outline use the following link.

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